Skill Quality Index (SQI) of a professional refers to the level of expertise, competence and proficiency an expert possess in his/her field. It encompasses their ability to perform tasks and deliver results with a high degree of accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness.

An expert with high SQI is likely to demonstrate a deep understanding of their domain, stays updated with the latest developments and applies the best practices in projects assigned to them.

They are capable of consistently producing high-quality output, meet or exceed expectation by having the necessary problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

They also display strong communication, collaboration and adaptability skills, enabling them to effectively interact with colleagues, clients and stakeholders while adapting to changing circumstances.

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Scott Alvis

Management Consultant

Scott Alvis is a senior travel industry strategy and marketing executive with over 30 years of diverse experience. He is the Founder & Executive Editor of NEXT Travel Stream, travel industry’s first streaming news and data service provider. He was previously Head of Strategy at Sabre, President and GM of SynXis, CMO North America at Amadeus, Financial Analyst at American Airlines and has an MBA in Finance from Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management.


Marty Pine

Consultant Global Technology

Marty Pine is a recognized thought leader and an internationally known Global Business Services Professional who has worked as Senior Executive with leading firms in America. As an expert in BPO / ITO / KPO and “the Office of the Future”, Marty has been an innovator in the use of internal and external providers to achieve operational process improvements, increased efficiency/productivity, and to drive operating units to meet cost management objectives.


SQI 9.4/10

Marketing Consultant

More than 5 Years of proven market research management experience, working with top national and international firms. Responsibilities include liaison with Senior Management to prepare, mine and transform Metadata.


Stjepan Vidović
SQI 9.2/10

Finance Expert

I'm Stjepan Vidović, an operations enthusiast with over 5 years of hands-on experience in finance and in managing and optimizing business processes. My company,, is working with USA & EMEA clients providing help in ...


Michael Binny
SQI 9.2/10

Data Scientist

Extensive professional experience in delivering business value through data science, by taking business problems and delivering an end to end solution that solves them. I have more than 7 years of experience in Data Science sp...


Uttam Biswas
SQI 9.2/10

Data Analyst

I'm a senior database architect with over 5 years experience in business requirements analysis.I have a strong technical and engineering background to work as individual contributor without supervision. I have implemented new tech...


Sushil Gupta
SQI 9.1/10

Content Strategist

I am an experienced content creator with over 5 years expereince in the Management Consulting industry. I believe developing strong content communication to achieve great customer service, and commitment to help grow my client...


Dhiren Bharda
SQI 9/10

Digital Marketing Specialist

Hello Everyone, This is Dhiren Bharda. I have been doing marketing for more than 5+ years of experience with GOOGLE ADSENSE, SEO, PPC, ASO, GOOGLE ADWORDS, FACEBOOK MARKETING, INSTAGRAM MARKETING, and SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. ...


Tanmoy Sen
SQI 8.9/10

Big Data Analyst

Tanmoy has over 5 years experience in strategizing and managing market research programs, specializing in the secondary research. He has Skille in Customer Insight, Customer Service, Quantitative and Qualitative Research, Manageme...


David Green
SQI 8.9/10

Sales & Marketing Expert

With almost 10 years of experience in developing marketing strategies that drive customer engagement, lead generation, and revenue growth, I have extensive knowledge in the various sector. Whether a business start-up or an establi...


Oyinkansola Ogunleye
SQI 8.8/10

Marketing Manager

With my years of experience in marketing as well as my experience as an Associate Marketing Manager in a Growth Marketing team, I believe I would add great value to brands. I'm well experienced in leading marketing strategies, col...


Aveek Roy
SQI 8.5/10

Market Research Analyst

I am a conscientious and dedicated professional with over 4 years of experience providing business support. I specialize in assisting entrepreneurs with a wide range of administrative and personal tasks. As an experienced Pers...


Amit Kejriwal
SQI 8.2/10

Marketing Manager

I am able to see opportunity where others can't. This skill gave me the ability to me be my own boss throughout my college days. Preparing estimates and securing jobs, owning my own business has given me invaluable experience that...


Ankush Talukdar
SQI 8.2/10

Data Analytics Expert

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt with experience of working in the Research & Analytics industry. Extensive experience in diversified industry sectors including Healthcare, Insurance, Investment Banking. Strong Knowledge of Business...


Ekta Goyal
SQI 8.1/10

Data Entry Analyst

Forward-thinking Data Analyst or Business Analyst with extensive knowledge of MARKTECH. Known for success in every industry and leading employees to complete tasks. Dedicated to efficient conflict resolution and excellent services...


Viffaq Siddiqi
SQI 7.2/10

Marketing Specialist

I am a marketing enthusiast having e a deep understanding of the customer journey and I try to to develop and implement effective strategies to retain customers. I creaate targeted segmented campaigns and workflows keeping in mind...


Naga Manikanta Varada
SQI 6.8/10

Database Analyst

I want to become data analyst. Even though I am less experienced but I am very passionate about working on data. As I started gaining interest in it this data related work seemed very comfortable for me. I learnt excel, google she...


Cynthia Awuor
SQI 6.5/10

Data Analyst

I am hard working, enthusiastic, self-motivated, reliable and a responsible person. I am a mature team worker and adaptable to all challenging situations. I’m dedicated to perform my best, I am organized and methodical individual....

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Submit Requirement

Post your request using “Hire An Expert” if you wish to have a dedicated expert or “Post a Project” if you have an ad-hoc requirement.

Connect With Experts

Our algorithm matches experts within our available talent pool and set up an introductory call to understand your goals and expectations.

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When everything is agreed, pay securely using our multiple payment methods and get started.

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Patel Dhaval

eCommerce Developer

SQI 9.2/10

I am a passionate Magento Developer. Over 12+ years of good experience in the field of Building a Magento site from scratch | Site speed improvement | PSD to Magento | Ma...

Available for hire
Aimal Jan

Full-stack Web Developer

SQI 9/10

I am certified software engineer having 6 years of experience in web development with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript jQuery, ReactJS and ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core along...

Available for hire
Gorakh Devkar

Full-stack Software Developer

SQI 9/10

Highly skilled and experienced PHP web developer with 5 years of expertise in developing robust and scalable web applications. Proficient in PHP frameworks, such as Larav...

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