Full Stack Developer (ReactJS + Golang + PostgreSQL) in Nagpur, India

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Bachelor of Technology - BTech (2019)

Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal

Full Stack Developer (ReactJS + Golang + PostgreSQL) in Nagpur, India

Hello, I'm a highly skilled and experienced Full Stack Developer specializing in a wide range of technologies. With a strong foundation in both front-end and back-end development, I have the expertise to create robust and scalable web and mobile applications. I am constantly updating my skills to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving world of technology. Here's a breakdown of the technologies I have extensive experience in: FRONT-END TECHNOLOGIES: - ReactJS: I have a deep understanding of React and its ecosystem, including React Hooks, Context API. I can build responsive and interactive user interfaces using best practices. - GraphQL: I am proficient in building GraphQL APIs and have experience working with popular GraphQL libraries and tools. - Relay: I have hands-on experience with Relay, a powerful GraphQL framework that enables efficient data fetching and synchronization. - Webpack and Babel: I am well-versed in bundling and transpiling JavaScript code using Webpack and Babel, optimizing performance and compatibility. - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: I have a strong command over the fundamental web technologies and can create modern, visually appealing, and accessible UIs. - TypeScript: I am proficient in TypeScript, utilizing its static typing features to enhance code quality, maintainability, and developer productivity. BACK-END TECHNOLOGIES: - Golang: I have expertise in Go programming language, building high-performance, concurrent, and scalable back-end systems. - PostgreSQL: I have hands-on experience in designing and optimizing database schemas, writing complex queries, and ensuring data integrity. - gRPC: I can develop efficient and secure communication protocols using gRPC, enabling inter-service communication in distributed systems. - Protocol Buffers: I am experienced in using Protocol Buffers for efficient serialization and deserialization of structured data. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT: - Flutter: I have extensive knowledge of Flutter framework, enabling me to build cross-platform mobile apps with a single codebase, delivering native-like experiences. DEVOPS AND CONTAINERIZATION: - Kubernetes and Docker: I can deploy and manage applications in containerized environments using Kubernetes, Docker, and associated tools. I am skilled in creating scalable and resilient microservices architectures. In addition to my technical expertise, I have also led a team of 5 developers in previous roles. My responsibilities included: - Managing the team, assigning them stories, and ensuring timely delivery of project milestones. - Assisting team members when they encounter challenges or require guidance. - Reviewing their work to maintain code quality and adherence to best practices. - Engaging with the product team and sales team to determine project timelines and requirements. - Designing the architecture and build/release processes for the projects. - Recruiting and onboarding new React developers, ensuring a smooth transition into the team. With my leadership experience and comprehensive understanding of these technologies, I can deliver high-quality solutions tailored to your specific needs. I am a self-motivated and detail-oriented professional, committed to meeting project deadlines and exceeding client expectations. My strong problem-solving skills and ability to collaborate effectively make me an ideal candidate for your project. I look forward to discussing your requirements and collaborating on your next project as a freelance full stack developer.

Available for hire


Full-stack Software Developer

May 2022 till Now, Mindtickle

Roles and Responsibilities: ● Develop new flows and features leading a group of 2 - 3 developers to implement them. ● Maintain coding standards by implementing tests and linting. ● Discuss business requirements with Product team to fix the specifications of a feature ● Interact with Design team to finalize the User Interface and User Experience. ● Performing code review to maintain coding standards. ● Enable fellow developers by helping them whenever stuck.

Full Stack Developer

May 2018 till May 2022, Appointy

Frontend Team Lead (August 2021 - May 2022) ● Managing the team, assigning them stories, helping them out if they are stuck somewhere, reviewing their work . ● Engaging with the product team and sales team to determine the timelines. ● Designing the architecture, build and release processes. ● Recruiting and onboarding new react developers. Frontend Developer (March 2020 - May 2022) ● Developed efficient, responsive and cache-implemented UI using ReactJS, Material-UI and Relay. ● Reduced training time of new recruits and interns by 15% by independently crafting training sessions and reference content. ● Improved developer experience by creating reusable components library and tool to scaffold new modules. Mobile App Developer ( November 2019 - March 2020) ● Researched and designed the mobile app architecture in flutter. ● Developed a reusable widgets library to reduce development time. ● Deployed the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Backend Developer ( May 2018 - May 2022) ● Developed spec compliant GraphQL server in Go. ● Lead a team to create the plugin for generating graphql files in Go from protocol buffers. ● Developed microservices in Go using gRPC for communication and PostgreSQL for storing data. ● Designed and developed a relational database schema generator for a protocol buffer based ORM. ● Worked on the payments module for a project and integrated Stripe and Square with the product. ● Independently implemented the Strong Code Authentication (SCA) flow for the Google Project.

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